Our vision is to create a Food Forest in the middle of Los Alcornocales Natural Park in Andalucia, Spain.

Our goal is to preserve nature and traditional knowledge.

The Project

Campo Cristobal - El Bosque de Comestibles 

In the midst of the Mediterranean microclimate at the south tip of the Europe continent, the terrain Campo Cristobal is located in the unique flora & fauna conservational area of the Alcornocales Natural Park, where continents and oceans meet.

We create programs for people interested in the Re:Integration of humans into the natural environment for a resilient future. We combine ancient tools and techniques with contemporary design, science and methods.

We are committed to support local biodiversity to flourish.
Valuing ancient knowledge from the elderly and
fostering a healthy and resilient community.

We want to explore theory and practice with experimental formats in our Nature Lab.

The Terrain

The stunning view from Campo Cristobal reaches from the unique Land-and Sea-Natural Park El Estrecho as far as Marocco.

Here you can see the connection between the continents (Africa and Europe), and the oceans (Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea). Fauna is migrating on an axis, North-South (birds) and East-West (fish). The area is a spectacular place for birds, whale and dolphin watching.

The Program

We care about Nature and acknowledge her as our greatest teacher.

Vulture Whatching
Tiny Food Forest
Forest to Plate

We want to ensure culture and knowledge transfer between people and nature through the craft of food production and processing . Contact us for more informations on the upcoming program in 2023.

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